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Critical Atom FS

Critical Atom FS

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This footswitch has a sleek design with a minimal footprint, ideal for artists on the go. The aluminum top allows for a compact, yet robust quality look and feel while offering consistent and reliable function. Non-skid rubber bottom ensures footswitch remains in place when engaging. The Atom FS is designed to seamlessly connect via magnet with the Atom, AtomX, AtomXR, MNML power supplies. It is also designed to be compatible with ALL power supplies.

Cleaner, simplistic and modern design

Compact size frees up floor and travel space

Robust material offering aesthetics and longevity

Won’t slip when engaging

Works with RCA cords (not included)

Aluminum top rubber bottom

2 year manufacturers warranty

Height: 1.5” Diameter: 3.5” Weight: .45 lbs.

RCA cord not included

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